STRIMA Executive Committee

The STRIMA state membership elects a President Elect and a Conference Host Elect annually at the conference who become members of the STRIMA Executive Committee. The President Elect remains on the board for four years fulfilling duties as President Elect, President, Past President and Past Past President.  The Conference Host Elect remains on the board for two years fulfilling duties as Conference Host Elect and Conference Host.  These positions comprise six of the nine members of the Executive Committee.  The three remaining members of the Executive Committee are appointed by the President at the annual conference. 

The 2022-23 elections and appointments were made at the annual meeting in September, 2022.

The 2022-23 members are:

  Faith Cox, President, Idaho

  Julia Lanham, President Elect, New Mexico

  Melissa Harris, Past President, Louisiana

  Leon Ellis, Past Past President and Web Chair, South Dakota

   Nathan Culp, Conference Host, Arkansas

  Julie Mileham, Conference Host Elect, Colorado

  George Roberson, Treasurer, Mississippi

  Mandy Hagler, Education Coordinator, Nevada

  Sarah Gregory, Deputy Member, Tennessee

  Jed Ross, Policies & Procedures & Cost of Risk, District of Columbia

  Susan West, Associate Advisor, ICF